Technical and Management Services

Technical and Management Services

Defense Holdings, Inc.® (DHi) provides technical and management support services to state and federal government and commercial customers in the U.S. Since its founding in 1994, DHi has been providing support to key government decision makers at key agencies

DHi’s staff includes many highly-skilled individuals with significant prior experience in the government and the military. We understand how the government builds and executes budgets and programs. Technical and management services provided include: drydocking technical support, training, and certification; Scientific, Engineering, Technical Assistance (SETA) support in program, financial and technical management areas; and technology scouting, incubation and transition support.

Rich Martin, DHi’s President and CEO, states “DHi engineers solutions for complex problems by applying, innovating and transitioning a broad range of professional services and advanced technologies to support our customers’ programs.”

SETA Support

Since its founding in 1994, through the years it operated as Noesis, Inc. and into today, Defense Holdings, Inc has build a reputation for providing high quality, high level support to key government decision makers. Organizations that we have supported have included: Office of Naval Research, Naval Sea Systems Command, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Marine Corps Research & Development Center, Marine Corps Systems Command, U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), NSWC Carderock, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and the White House’s Office of Technology Policy.

Drydocking Technical Support

When the U.S. Navy decided to upgrade the level of training and certification of its Dry Dock Safety Program, it called upon DHi to develop and teach the course.

When the U.S. Navy wanted to develop an advanced drydocking course to focus on Heavylift Ship Operations it again called on DHi. The Heavylift Ship Operations course that DHi developed was focused on training personnel to conduct a heavylift shop operation. The course included the required technical information, calculations, inspections and other considerations and oversight needed to reduce risk and assure a safe and successful evolution.

When the Royal Saudi Navy determined that it needed to upgrade the training of its drydocking personnel, DHi developed the training course.

All of these courses were designed to provide the knowledge needed in order to drydock naval vessels with appropriate risk management. The courses offered a broad view of all aspects of drydocking and included basic naval architecture terminology and calculations, generic procedures, and required standards and instructions that relate specifically to drydocking of naval vessels.

For many years DHi hosted the U.S. Navy Drydocks website on its servers and aided the NAVSEA drydock safety office qualifying docking personnel and maintaining the Navy’s drydocking standards, instructions and related documents.

Technology Scouting

Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) can identify and shape investments in science and technology (S&T) research and development (R&D) to encourage affordable, technologically effective applications and solutions. Successful TTOs are constantly on the lookout for exploitable leading-edge technologies emerging from traditional as well as non-traditional sources.

Promising technologies always exist in the marketplace, but to help ensure that a given technology will likely meet an organization’s stated requirements, TTOs must gain a comprehensive understanding of the users’ objectives, problems and needs. Then, they must:

  • Determine whether the technology can satisfy the users’ criteria
  • Conceptualize how it might be integrated
  • Provide program managers with technology roadmaps defining logical transition paths
  • Identify supplemental funding sources if necessary to achieve success

DHi’s Focused Technology Transition™ (FT2) process provides a proven, rigorous methodology that logically helps discover, evaluate, and qualify a candidate technology that will meet the users’ stated requirements. Since constantly evolving operational and logistics requirements, further complicated by fiscal constraints, can still threaten effective acquisition of a fully vetted new technology, the FT2 process also helps chart a clear path to the bottom line by measuring a candidate technology’s potential return on investment while determining when it might realistically be transitioned.


Why DHi?

DHi® provides product support for its line of Metal Fiber Brushes (MFBs) and Slip Ring products as well as its AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent (PL) materials and its AfterGlo® brand PL safety paints.

PL product support includes: installation of PL materials, custom sign design and fabrication, fulfillment, and aftermarket support.

MFB product support includes: MFB and Slip Ring system design, development, fabrication, testing, certification, installation, fulfillment, and aftermarket support.

DHi is a National Instruments Alliance Partner and provides design and programming assistance for National Instruments LabVIEW® instrumentation software and systems.