Current Installations

Current Installations

Defense Holdings, Inc.® (DHi) provides design and installation services for its AfterGlow® brand photoluminescent (PL) materials and its AfterGlo® brand PL safety paints.

Photoluminescent Safety Solutions® Design Services

Many people have tried to install PL safety products without having a good understanding on why one product is superior to another and why something that works well in one application fails miserably in another. DHi is experienced in matching a customer’s needs with just the right selection of photoluminescent (PL) materials. Since 9/11, DHi has designed and is implementing for The Pentagon the largest installation of PL safety signage in the world. This installation encompasses more than 6.6 million sq ft. In addition to designing PL safety solutions for buildings, DHi has worked with all branches of the U.S. military to design PL installations for ships, aircraft and tactical vehicles.


Photoluminescent Safety Solutions® Installation Services

DHi’s installation team is presently installing our Photoluminescent Safety Solutions® in the Pentagon and many other government and commercial buildings in the National Capital Region and New York City areas.

Rich Martin, DHi’s President and CEO, states “Unlike many of our competitors who only sell PL products, DHi sells the complete package. We survey the customer’s property, select and recommend an optimum PL safety solution, install that solution if the customer desires and provide aftermarket inspection and service for our products. All too often our people are called in to fix a situation where our competitors’ solution had failed or where the customer tried to just buy the cheapest PL materials he could find and then install them himself. We specify both our own materials and those of our supply chain partners. Not every product is suitable for every application. We believe that we can offer a better solution because we recognize that and buy materials from a number of sources.”